Verbal Agreements - Converted to Writing

As a general rule, the law in the UK considers verbal contracts to be as legally binding as written ones, and therefore they do hold up in court. But this is an exception compared to the rest of the world. Generally, for established business relationships it makes doing business for small projects easy. Often just an email that summarizes the offer, a consideration, and acceptance is enough, the project gets delivered, and everyone is happy.

However, when legal gets wind of such dealings the $5k project that was supposed to be delivered next week doesnโ€™t happen as the โ€˜standardโ€™ T&Cs require contractor insurance with $X million+ liability coverage that takes more than a week to arrange. Plus all the time and effort in word-smithing far exceeds the project size.

Using a vCon on the call, chat, or email thread to discuss and agree the project, and using an app such as Meeting Minder - Contract Edition, a verbal or text agreement can easily be converted into a written one, with lightweight T&Cs begrudgingly accepted by legal for small projects. Now legal are not unhappy and the business can focus on operations, not document editing, with just a call creating a lightweight contract for review and signing.

Note ASR is not necessarily required in this use case. The conversation could be transcribed by a person, in some medical use cases such manual transcription continues to be required. A contract could have a value to make manual transcription economic or potentially preferred.

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