🧠Why vCons?

vCons are a new data format that describe human conversations, allowing them to be secured and redacted, analyzed and tracked, storable and shareable.

Conversations are First Class Citizens

We have iCal that enables anyone to store and exchange calendaring and scheduling information such as events, to-dos, journal entries, and free/busy information. And vCards so anyone can store and exchange electronic business cards, name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs (Universal Resource Locator), logos, photographs, and audio clips.

An innovation ecosystem of specialists in conversation intelligence will flourish solving specific business pain points across operations, compliance, privacy, security, ethics, etc. Being able to access customer data often trapped within communication platforms. Think of vCon as ‘robot food’, enabling conversation data to be presented in a common format and more easily cleaned for training of machine learning. ASR and conversation AI solutions do not meet the needs of some businesses with respect to accuracy; vCon will help our industry close the gap with respect to the hype.

Conversational Data is Trapped in Silos

Despite all the talk about conversations in the programmable communications industry, conversation data remains trapped in silos. vCon (virtual Conversation, like vCard), is a new open standard for sharing conversation data: transcript, video, audio, participants, metadata like timestamps and location, tamper protections, certifications, etc. vCon has the potential to create an ecosystem of innovators focused on creating new conversation intelligence tools, in addition to established platform providers.

Sharing conversation data is a significant problem faced by programmable communications developers today. vCon makes working with conversations easier, hence the addressable market of developers expands ten thousand fold across web and enterprise developers. This happened one decade ago when telecoms became easy to use with simple web-centric APIs. This will happen again for conversations thanks to vCon.

vCon will do the same. Conversations currently trapped in silos of communication platforms or simply stored in the company’s data lake will become common units, where innovators will create new value, solve business problems, and deliver valuable insights because their business lives/dies on delivering that. vCon is the next leap forward in the programmable communications industry.

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