Sharing Conversations with Third Parties

Working with contractors has its ups and downs. During meetings note taking can miss agreements on deliverables and their timing, simply not happen, or not be fully understood by all parties. Everyone leaves with a slightly different perception of the action. Missed deliverables become finger pointing exercises that do little to help the working relationship.

Most conference calls are recorded, yet are only used for those that missed the meeting and listened to at 1.5-2 X speed. A call recording is generally not used by the people who attended, because they already attended. However, the content in that call is invaluable. It’s not that we forget what was agreed on the call, it’s that we get busy, when the actions / deliverables are in black and white on our to-do list, we are reminded every day.

Imagine after the meeting a vCon is produced. The vCon is processed by a Meeting Minder - Construction Edition app, which sends a summary to all participants on the conference call that includes the actions and deliverables. The app is trained to the specific vocabulary and processes used in an industry vertical, construction.

Each action/deliverable includes a reference to the section in the conversation. For example, “Action: Plan for Floor 5 will be sent by Joe to Mary at Company X by end of day June 7th, spoken by Anne,<link to specific point in the conversation>”. There is no finger pointing, immediately after the meeting the summary was sent to everyone within the meeting minutes, and transferred onto each participant’s to-do list. If there was an error, it would have been picked up then.

Practically, ASR on a conference call is far from perfect, especially if someone calls in using a mobile phone. But the actions and summary will be checked by some of the participants to make sure everything is captured adequately.

vCon enables a range of value added services to be created around this open standard, an ecosystem of innovators taking conversation intelligence beyond transcription. No longer does the Meeting Minder app provider need to waste time and expense joining every conference call / collaboration platform’s partner ecosystem. With vCon they can implement one format and cover all communication platforms that use vCon. Instead focusing on building best in class industry vertical solutions.

The integration headache for the Meeting Minder app provider results in less competition. They will focus on the top 5 conference / collaboration platforms. The open source conferencing platforms, the regional platforms, and smaller providers are skipped. vCon helps maintain healthy competition and the reach of vCon apps to extend across all programmable communication platforms.

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