Insights from Customer Conversations

The customer is constantly providing information to your business: on which competitors they compare you to, what features they value in your product, what problems they have with your product, how they use your product, what features they do not use, how they like to be billed, how they view the pricing, why they moved from / to a competitor, how they use your product, how they mash-up your product and others to meet their needs, how they work around gaps in your product, etc.

Every conversation (voice, email, video, SMS, web chat, IP messaging, social, etc.) across sales, support, customer care, etc. is capturing this data. Extracting this data is not that easy, it's still a work in progress. vCon enables an ecosystem of analytics and data mining companies that can extract such information across all interactions. Determining that a customer is talking about a complementary product not a competitive product is not easy. But insights continue to improve.

vCon enables all customer data to be used to generate insights from the conversations stored but not fully mined. Surveys are often performed to capture minable data, often the surveys have leading questions or the survey is filled as fast as humanly possible. This does not provide accurate information, and why most surveys seem to enforce a marketing view not necessarily a customer view. The conversations taking place with sales, support, customer care are the most accurate customer data a business has access to, and remain relatively poorly mined.

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